VBA Services, Support, Resources and Training

NSVBA Benefits VBAs through Online Training and Resources

The National Society of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants provides VBAs the services, support, resources and training they can't find anywhere else. We make it easy for VBAs to hone their skills through both printed instruction and online seminars. If you're serious about building your VBA business, membership in the NSVBA is for you!

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NSVBA Markets Members to Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

We promote our members through a national campaign that educates bankruptcy attorneys about the benefits of VBAs. Time means money to attorneys and we explain how a VBA works and the cost savings realized from contracting the services of one of our NSVBA members.

Our Goal Is to Partner VBAs with Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our goal is to have each of our certified members partnered with one or more attorneys enabling the VBA to turn their investment into income. However, we can't do it alone. We're looking for members who recognize that becoming a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant requires ongoing education, marketing, following up on leads, and never refusing an opportunity presented to them. In other words, we want our VBAs to be dedicated business professionals!

What Is A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?

A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) is an individual who works as an Independent Contractor preparing consumer bankruptcy petitions under the direct supervision of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys . VBAs do NOT work directly with the general public on any legal matters or provide any legal advice.

VBA Benefits for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant services make it possible for a Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney to work more efficiently, lower costs and assist more clients. To learn more about Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants and how working with a VBA can benefit the Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, play the FREE webinar below or visit VBA Benefits page